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Summary in English


Sotahuuto (“Warcry”) is the largest padded weapons fighting event in the Nordic Countries. The event was first organized in 2005 and annually around 600 people have participated in it. The participants join the event in groups of up to 50 people and fight for the victory of their group! At night they sleep in their own tents. Meals are available on saturday and sunday for those who have pre-ordered them.


Expect action, shining armor, excitement, and adrenaline, not to forget shared triumphs and bitter defeats when hundreds of warriors clash!


Practical matters

Sotahuuto 2017 is organized 21.-23.7.2017 in Pistohiekka, Puumala (Lietvedentie 1662, 52200 Puumala). Recommended time of arrival is friday evening/night, but it is possible to also arrive at saturday morning. Combat activities are concentrated on saturday and sunday, starting 9am on saturday. An accurate schedule will be published later.


Entrance fees

The event entrance fee is 20 euros, and the meals cost 30 for the weekend. International fighters receive a discount of 10 euros from the entrance fee. Participants may buy an accident insurance for the event for the price of 3 euros by adding that amount to their entrance fee. Group leaders will pay the entrance fee for their entire group. Paid entrance fees won't be refunded but purchased tickets may be resold at will.

If you have questions about entrance fees, you can contact Pekka Ruhtinas by phone 050 4619788 or by email sotahuutory[at]


Registration can be found at


Registration information for International participants:

Our registration system in at the moment only available in Finnish. If you're going to participate in the event with a Finnish group the easiest way to register is to ask your group members to help you with your registration. International group leaders are advised to contact the event organizers through


If you're going to participate with an international group or by yourself here's a manual for how to use the registration system. It might be a bit complicated so if you have any problems you can contact the event organizers:

1. Go to

2. Enter your information to approriate fields:

1. email-addres (sähköposti), 2. password (salasana), 3. password confirmation (salasana uudestaan), 4. first name (etunimi), 5. last name (last name), 6. birth date (in form, 7. optionally you can include phone number (puhelinnumero).

Then press green register (rekisteröidy) button.

3. From the next group selection screen choose your group name or if you are going to participate without a group select single-registration (”yksilöilmoittautuminen”).

4. In the next selection screen you can now add the ”products” you want.

- Basic Participation is 20 euros (Osallistuminen)

- Event-meals are 30 euros (Ruokailu). These consist from breakfast, lunch and dinner on saturday and breakfast and lunch on sunday. You can also choose vegetarian option (Kasvisruokailu)

- Optional event-insurance is 3 euros

- Remember to add International Participant-product. It gives you discount of 10 euros.

After you've added all the products you want, press the blue button to confirm your registration.

5. You can pay your registration-fees from the ”Omat ilmoittautumiset” (own registrations)-screen. It gives you a total sum in euros, a bank account number and a registration number for bank transfer. Receiver is Sotahuuto-yhdistys ry, The BIC-code for international bank transfer is NDEAFIHH and the address-information Linnoituksentie 10 A 5, 00940 Helsinki, Finland.


Registration will close at the end of the day on 30.6. After this the registration system will be closed. Registration will be possible after this time by email at sotahuutory[at] or during the event at the information desk on Friday 21.7. Purchasing the meals won't be possible after 30.6. The entrance fee will be 25 euros for participants registering after 30.6. International discount of 10 euros applies also in registrations after 30.6.



If you work for the event, you will get a free event or free event plus free meals. International participants receive a 10 euro discount from the entrance fee. You must state your eligibility at the registration to receive your discount. (This means that if you are for example an international fighter, you should write it on your registration so we know what is the reason of your discount.)



The main form of accommodations in the event will be tents. Participants or their groups are expected to bring their own tents. There is a spacious camping area at the event site. Camper vans and trailers can be parked at the camping area.



There is a lake 200 meters from the camp that can be used for washing. All hygiene products used for washing must be environmentally friendly.

Portable toilets are available.






Finnish law will be followed in Sotahuuto event.

Security guards oversee the safety in the area. They wear safety west, make sure that the participants act in a civil manner, remove intoxicated and inappropriately behaving people from the area and handle any outsiders arriving in the area.



Alcohol and other intoxicants do not belong to the padded weapons fighting, and consuming alcohol during scenarios is prohibited. Intoxicated people will be removed from the event area during daytime. Discreet consuming alcohol is allowed for participants over 18 years of age after the scenarios during nighttime.

Participants behaving in a disturbing manner during nighttime will be put to bed or removed from the area. Under aged participants in possession of alcohol will have their alcoholic beverages confiscated, and their guardians will be informed about the incident. The event does not provide or sell alcohol for the participants.



Smoking is only allowed in marked smoking areas.



Making open fire and the use of grills is only allowed in the area reserved for this specific purpose. Use of cookers and stoves is allowed on the camping site. Please use extreme caution when making any kind of fire!



Trash must be put in marked trash cans. Everything you take to the woods and fields you must bring back. Trash bags are also available from the info during the whole event.



200 meters from the camp is a lake. Swimming and washing is allowed there.


First aid

First aid is constantly available during battles in Sotahuuto. A mobile first aid station will follow the locations of the battles. The first aid station will be marked with flags and the first aid personnel will wear safety vests. Unauthorized loitering in the first aid station is prohibited.



Liability and insurance

Organizers of Sotahuuto 2016 event do their best to provide a fun and safe event to all participants. However, a risk of injury is always present in a fast paced sport such as padded weapons fighting. Participants participate in Sotahuuto 2016 event at their own risk. The participants are also responsible for all damages they cause for each other and their environment.


The organizers offer an optional temporary accident insurance for the duration of the event to the participants. It can be ordered at the registration procedure.


The age limit of the event is 15 years.



Address to the event is Lietvedentie 1662, 52200 Puumala. When arriving, cars can be driven near the camping area to unpack. Afterwards cars must be taken to the parking area, 800 meters from the camp. Group leaders will receive the entry wristbands for their group at the information desk. Separately registered participants must get their own wristbands from the info.



Providing your own meals

Participants may opt out of the common meals and bring their own food to the event. No-one can fight the whole weekend without food, and the organizers recommend the common meals, as they are the least troublesome source of sustenance in the event.

Tips for independent eaters

1. Eat enough of right kind of food so that you can fight. You know best what kind of meals you require for a weekend of intensive exercise.

2. Preparing food takes time, and the scenarios won't wait for independent eaters. If you're not fast enough, you may miss scenarios.

3. Supplement your diet with energy bars, fruit, raisins, chocolate and other high energy snacks to keep up your strength during the day.

4. Preparing more time-consuming food items can best be done for dinner after the Saturday scenarios, as there is time to spare. You can also take more time with your breakfast by waking up earlier. Lunch breaks are pretty short for cooking anything complicated.


Cooking facilities

Use of camping cookers is allowed everywhere. Making an open wooden fire or using a grill is only allowed on a space specifically intended for this purpose.




Welcome to the battles of Sotahuuto 2017!

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Yhdistyksen säännöt - Sotahuudon kotisivujen palveluntarjoaja.
Sotahuuto 2017 banneri - Sotahuudon kotisivujen palveluntarjoaja.
Sotahuuto 2017 banneri - Sotahuudon kotisivujen palveluntarjoaja.